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Helping Heads of Service increase confidence, improve working relations, and get important things done.

Leadership values: 

Being human

Seeking the truth

Doing the right thing

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Hello! If we’ve not met yet, I’m Sue Douglas. A qualified Executive Coach with lots of experience to share from working with Heads of Service and other levels of leaders.

I created Work-Life Flow because helping Heads of Service build their business areas, teams, and careers, makes me leap out of bed in the morning!

I find their professionalism, persistence, customer focus and value to do the right thing quite inspiring and it’s a privilege to be associated and working with some of them.

Then there’s the wise Heads of Service who know that continuing to fire-fight rather that stopping to think and reflect with a Executive Coach & Development Partner, is not an option. Indeed those who take stock, reflect, and make changes from the inside-out, as well as using new how-to tools, tend to be the ones to avoid or breakfree from a rut.

To find out ways how I can support you, please have a look at Services and Free Stuff.

I look foward to hearing from you.

To your success!




Degree educated, Diploma in Executive Coaching, Advanced Diploma in Learning & Development, NLP Practitioner, Emotional Intelligence (BarOn EQi and EQ360), DISC – People Keys, MCIPD, and MBPS Level A&B.


Profiling | Executive Coaching & Development 

Don’t Leave it to Guesswork!

Guessing how to lead, manage and motivate others can be hard work! It can be a bit of a hit or miss approach!

To make your life easier, and to quickly get the best out of others, we recommend using validated profiling tools. This helps people understand themselves better as well as each other.

Profiling is a quickwin tool to discover how to better communicate and engage with each other, and, release potential and the best performance for all.

If you want to explore using profiling for speedy engagement and performance, please get in touch! You can reach me by email, phone or even book a complimentary consultation using my online diary below.

Profiling – helps build positive working relations


If only …

High achieving leaders always want to advance their business areas, teams, and careers but are only human and can become unstuck at times.

If only … you could overcome a work situation that is causing anxiety and build confidence. This would help you prepare for the next level up.

If only … you could reduce tension and misunderstandings in an important relationship. This would help get things done with more ease and speed.

If only … you could get that important project out of the starting gate.

No more if onlys …

A bespoke Executive Coaching & Development Programme can help you to achieve these things. Schedule a complimentary consultation to explore whether this is the right solution for you.

Executive Coaching – for different perspectives, actions, and results

Complimentary Consultation

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Looking forward to discussing your needs and exploring possible solutions with you.

“Sue has been a fantastic OD professional and coach in the two very different environments that I have worked with her. Sue is sensitive to the needs of the individuals she works with, recognises the business needs and provides a tailored approach to reach the best possible outcomes for all parties. Sue is able to provide psychometrics that underpin outcome focused coaching, empowering her clients to take control going forward in order to achieve their true potential.”

Strategic Lead – HR 

“Sue is refreshing, talented, genuine and incredibly engaged and supportive in what she does. I’ve worked with Sue for a number of years now, engaging her for group training sessions and I have also received direct coaching from her. I cannot recommend Sue highly enough. Sue truly gets people, organisational culture, performance and personal development.”

Business Director

“I approached the CE to chair a high profile group without fear of rejection which has held me back in the past. I am now chairing this group. I have improved delegation to team members and beyond. Now I allocate planning at least twice a week which means I’m ahead on some of my projects and have acheived some of my annual actions. This hasn’t happened in a long-time and is very rewarding. I have increased my confidence levels with my Line Manager and Director, and feel more able to discuss things openly.”

Senior Finance Lead

A bit of fun when trying to Beat Stress & Meet Deadlines!

Up against a project deadline? Challenges, confrontations, and compromises taking their toll? Take 5 minutes, put your headphones on, and play this video to re-energise. Enjoy!