Career Development

Careers are a bit like bank balances and savings accounts. They grow when we invest in them, they shrink when we don’t.  So, if you think your career could be hovering around red, here are 3 career investment strategies to set yourself up for success.

  1. Create your career strategy

    • Have a sense of direction or you may end up elsewhere! Know where you are, where you want to be, and how you will get there, even if this is just a rough idea. Having goals will give you focus.

    • Recognise what you value, whether your values are shifting, and how that will impact on your career.

    • Know your strengths and things you’re not so good at, and how that will impact your career journey.

    • Keep your CV up-to-date. As well as being your promotional tool, your CV will help you assess and appreciate where you are in your career journey.

  2. Build your network

    • The payoff may not be immediate, but it will reward you going forward.

    • Networking opportunities can be vast. From introductions as you go about your usual daily business activity, to conferences at the membership organisations you belong to.

    • Think about what you want to achieve from networking events, perhaps some questions to ask, and some useful information to share.

    • Ask your network for help when needed. People are usually only to happy to help or connect you to someone who can.

  1. Keep developing yourself, personally as well as professionally

    • When we want something badly enough, we find the time. Create some slack in your work schedule, even if just 30 minutes a day, to take on more work and develop yourself.

    • Grow your job – seek stretch opportunities inside or outside of your organisation. If outside of your organisation, bring learning back to the workplace.

    • To help keep up with best practice and current professional standards, benchmark and make use of your professional membership organisation’s offerings. New ways of working tend to trigger fresh ideas.

    • As well as learning from your experience, learn from others’ successes and mistakes. Experience is a core ingredient of career success.