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A situation at work shakes your confidence.

There’s something about your working environment that unsettles you.

You are not able to think calmly when in this situation.

This frustrates you because you operate to such a high standard in other areas of your work.

You’re fed-up putting-up with this overwhelming situation. It’s emotionally exhausting!

You want to break free from what is holding you back.

You want to get on and reach your goal.

More Confident. More Flow. More Effective.

Hi, I’m Sue Douglas, and I help highly capable people break free from what shakes their confidence, and find the courage, tools, and techniques, to go for their goal.

You’ve probably tried giving yourself a pep talk, reminding yourself of all the good things you’ve achieved, but that doesn’t work for your situation. You may even have tried Coaching before but that didn’t work for because the Coach didn’t get your wavelength.

I get where you are at because many of my clients, and I, have been there too. What I find, is that when highly capable people experience a knock to their confidence, they often struggle with one of the following situations at work:

  • Speaking and being heard in meetings, especially when in dominating environments.
  • Connecting with others and getting buy-in for projects.
  • Using a directive leadership style, preferring to rely on a consultative leadership style, which they excel at.

There is concern you won’t get to the next level in your career because of this.

Confidence and Effectiveness Coach

What I’ve found is that breaking free from what is holding you back can be relatively straightforward and quick. Especially, if all that is required to reach your goal, is a perception adjustment and a few tools and techniques.


Sometimes a bit more support is required. This is typically when your inner critic is undermining your efforts. And, when you find your body tensing up in certain situations, which in turn undermines your ability to think and act calmly. The root cause of this type of reaction can be an undealt with, and sometimes forgotten about, fear-based response that was formed in childhood. A response that may have helped you cope as a child but sabotages your efforts when it unexpectedly makes an appearance in adulthood.


What I’ve developed over the years is a holistic solution that involves making use of your reasoning skills and your imagination, and some key self-leadership and leading-others tools and techniques. What you will learn and how we will address what is affecting your confidence, will be tailored to your situation and requirements. We will work on the present and future goals, whilst appreciating the past if and where relevant. We can work on a confidential and one-to-one basis, through an online Coaching and Development Programme, using Zoom or Microsoft Team Meetings.

My people development qualifications include an Advanced Diploma in Learning & Development, Corporate Coaching Diploma, BPS Level A&B, NLP Practitioner, BarOn EQ-i, BarOn EQ-360, and a variety of profiling tools, including personality profiling tools. I’m a Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development, and on the British Psychological Society’s Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU).


Over the years, I have designed and delivered Management & Leadership Development Programmes, Strategic Change Management workshops, Personal Development Courses including emotional intelligence and building confidence, 360 solutions, and Train the Trainer and Coach the Coach courses! So, I have an ever-developing quality toolkit to hand.


My passion is helping others to be the best they can be, through Coaching and Development. This focuses on the present and future, and where relevant, acknowledges the impact of the past. You are responsible for your own wellbeing, if you need to work on your past, please seek Counselling / Psychotherapy resources.

Having a confidence wobble, now and again, is fine. We can all get that. Would you benefit from an intervention?  Let me ask you a few questions to help you find out. If you were to break free from what is holding you back, would you be more effective, more confident, and generally feel better about yourself? Could you enhance your career? If yes, a personalised and targeted coaching and development intervention is recommended.


On a more personal note!

  1. Laughter! It fills me up and keeps me light! I loved the Janey Godley videos during lockdowns. I love my husband and his very dry sense of humour!
  2. I’m a bookworm and have the bad eyesight to prove it! What can I say, I’m a lifelong learner, and I used to read in poor lighting when I was a child – I learnt too late that I shouldn’t be doing that! I find good books and courses broaden my horizons. They make me a better coaching and development partner too.
  3. What recharges me? A zen-like home-life! Nature and wildlife. Being vegan. I’m a bit earthy. I support local wildlife by providing habitats and food! All of this keeps me grounded in a world that can be mad at times!

Free Situational Needs Analysis Consultation

If you’re ready to say goodbye to what situation you’re struggling with, and to say ‘hello’ to creating more flow in your work-life, book a free situational needs analysis.

This free 30 minutes consultation is an opportunity for us to discuss your current and desired situation, the dynamics of your situation, and possible solutions. To book your free, no obligation consultation, simply click on the link below to book a convenient slot in my diary. Looking forward to speaking with you.

Say goodbye to struggle, and hello to more flow!

“Sue has been a fantastic OD professional and coach in the two very different environments that I have worked with her. Sue is sensitive to the needs of the individuals she works with, recognises the business needs and provides a tailored approach to reach the best possible outcomes for all parties. Sue is able to provide psychometrics that underpin outcome focused coaching, empowering her clients to take control going forward in order to achieve their true potential.”

Strategic Lead – HR 

“Sue is refreshing, talented, genuine and incredibly engaged and supportive in what she does. I’ve worked with Sue for a number of years now, engaging her for group training sessions and I have also received direct coaching from her. I cannot recommend Sue highly enough. Sue truly gets people, organisational culture, performance and personal development.”

Business Director

“I approached the CE to chair a high profile group without fear of rejection which has held me back in the past. I am now chairing this group. I have improved delegation to team members and beyond. Now I allocate planning at least twice a week which means I’m ahead on some of my projects and have acheived some of my annual actions. This hasn’t happened in a long-time and is very rewarding. I have increased my confidence levels with my Line Manager and Director, and feel more able to discuss things openly.”

Senior Finance Lead

Since coaching, my Line Manager told me my confidence levels have blossomed and she felt she could give me anything to work on now. This has had a positive impact on my career. Thank you so much.

ICT Manager

As a result of coaching our team, we are more motivated, more confident, seeking more project work, and more closely involved with frontline services. Thank you.

Head of ICT

It is rare to come across a work coach who is as committed and inspiring as Sue. Sue has a stimulating, rewarding and rigorous approach. She has enabled me to express myself openly and honestly, and has helped me grow in ways I didn’t know I could, and for that I am very thankful. Sue brings passion and drive to everything she does. This is especially true of anything that involves understanding people and helping them to develop. Sue is an exceptional trainer and her knowledge, support and advice proved invaluable in obtaining some self-direction and reflection. Sue settles for nothing other than excellence, as a result, I have rapidly mastered new skills and new knowledge. Sue has helped me fulfil the milestones I set. I am extremely thankful to Sue for her valuable guidance, support and help in difficult situations. Couldn’t recommend highly enough!

HR Executive