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Self-care for HSP and Empaths who are busy Professionals

  • Is empathy one of your top strengths?
  • Do you seem wired to put others first, and often at the expense of your own wellbeing?
  • Do you tend to put so much pressure on yourself that no one else needs to?
  • Have you self sabotaged or derailed your career or relationships when in the grip?
  • Are you stressed with work at the moment?

If that’s you, what you need to focus on is self-care, aligned to your development need and business of course!  That way, you can say goodbye to struggles and hello to more flow at work! When you’re ready to improve your wellbeing and work-life, sign up for Self-Care for HSP and Empaths who are busy Professionals. The journey starts with 10 FAST Ways to Calm Your Nerves so that You can Speak and be Heard. This self-development download is supported with development-focused emails and the Work-Life Flow-zine.

Work-Life Flow coaching and development solutions

– opportunities for internal shifts and skill enhancement for personal and professional growth –

From hiding in plain sight to being seen and heard in the workplace

You’re committed to your profession and business, and great at what you do. But you feel that you struggle to be heard in groups settings such as meetings and training sessions. Others view you as quiet, possibly withdrawn.

You want to get to the next level in your career. Your sponsor wants you to contribute more to discussions and debates for optimal company-wide decision making.

Are you ready to be seen and heard in your workplace and get to the next level in your career? If yes, book a discovery session to discuss things further, and to mutually decide on whether we could work well together.

From unhealthy to healthy team communications

You’re great at what you do but you’re struggling to turnaround unhealthy communication patterns within the team that you inherited. The usual team development days haven’t worked.

You’ve worked in toxic teams, average teams, and highly functioning teams, and know you need to create a healthier team environment to take your team to where it needs to be, and to improve the reputation of your team within your business.  Your sponsor wants to support you in getting your team to a healthier place.

Are you ready to instil healthy communication patterns and skills for positive working relations and greater productivity? If yes, please book a discovery session to discuss things further, and to mutually decide on whether we could work well together.


From stalling to effectively making progress through and with others

You’re a respected senior manager and great at what you do.  But you feel like you’re struggling to make progress when delegating or on a project.

This could be because you’re relying on one leadership style when delegating to different types within your team, or perhaps you haven’t been able to ask for help or get buy-in and traction on one of your projects from peers.

You need and want to get things done faster, or at least deliver reasonably on time! Your sponsor needs and wants to support you in this.

Are you ready to breakthrough what is hindering progress and effectively get things done through and with others? If yes, book a discovery session to discuss things further and to mutually decide on whether we could work well together.


“Since coaching, my Line Manager told me my confidence levels have blossomed and she felt she could give me anything to work on now. This has had a positive impact on my career. Thank you so much.”

ICT Manager

“As a result of coaching our team, we are more motivated, more confident, seeking more project work, and more closely involved with frontline services. Thank you.”

Head of ICT

“I approached the CE to chair a high-profile group without fear of rejection which has held me back in the past. I am now chairing this group. I have improved delegation to team members and beyond. Now I allocate planning at least twice a week which means I’m ahead on some of my projects and have achieved some of my annual actions. This hasn’t happened in a long-time and is very rewarding. I have increased my confidence levels with my Line Manager and Director, and I feel more able to discuss things openly.”

Senior Finance Lead

Self-care for HSP and Empaths who are busy professionals


Sign-up for my non-salesy development focused emails which are about being and doing more with greater ease by putting yourself first. When we look after ourselves, we can serve others more. The journey starts with 10 FAST Ways to Calm Your Nerves so that you can Speak and be Heard. This is followed by supportive emails and the Work-Life Flow-zine.


Hello, and welcome to Work-Life Flow


Hi, I’m Sue Douglas, and I help managers:

  1. who are struggling to be seen and heard in the workplace, get to the next level in their career.
  2. instil healthier communications within their Team.
  3. gain traction on tasks and projects by working with and through others.

Like many other managers, you’ve probably tried different types of development interventions and it’s been frustrating when they haven’t worked. What I find is that interventions end up being tick-box solutions with minimal impact when a thorough situational needs assessment hasn’t been done. The importance of a thorough situational needs analysis can’t be overstated. Aligning solutions is easy, aligning the best-fit solution takes skill, experience, and sometimes talent.

What I’ve found is that once a best-fit solution has been implemented, managers feel relieved they can finally get to where they want to be.

Professional background

My people development qualifications and certifications include an Advanced Diploma in Learning & Development, Corporate Coaching Diploma, BPS Level A&B, NLP Practitioner, a variety of profiling tools including the BarOn EQ-i, BarOn EQ-360, and DISC, and Childhood Emotional Neglect Therapy. I’m a Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development, and on the British Psychological Society’s Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU).

Over the years, I have designed and delivered Management & Leadership Development Programmes, Strategic Change Management workshops, Personal Development Courses including emotional intelligence and building confidence, 360 solutions, and Train the Trainer and Coach the Coach courses! So, I have an ever-developing quality toolkit to hand.

Prior to providing coaching and developing solutions through Work-Life Flow, which I’ve done for over 15 years now, I used to set-up and develop Learning & Development Functions in different sectors.

On a more personal note!

  1. Laughter! It fills me up and keeps me light! I loved the Janey Godley videos during lockdowns.
  2. I’m a bookworm and often have sore eyes to prove this!
  3. What recharges me? A zen-like home-life! Nature and wildlife. Copious amounts of herbal tea and sparkling tea! Being vegan. I’m a bit earthy. I support local wildlife by providing them with habitats and lots of food! All of this keeps me grounded in a world that can be mad at times!
  4. My personality profile is that of a counsellor. It’s therefore of no surprise to learn that my calm energy can make some of my coaching and development sessions feel like therapy sessions!
  5. I’m Scottish, and I sometimes do an online property search when I’m missing the bonnie country!


“Sue has been a fantastic OD professional and coach in the two very different environments that I have worked with her. Sue is sensitive to the needs of the individuals she works with, recognises the business needs and provides a tailored approach to reach the best possible outcomes for all parties. Sue is able to provide psychometrics that underpin outcome focused coaching, empowering her clients to take control going forward in order to achieve their true potential.”

Strategic Lead – HR 

“Sue is refreshing, talented, genuine, and incredibly engaged and supportive in what she does. I’ve worked with Sue for a number of years now, engaging her for group training sessions and I have also received direct coaching from her. I cannot recommend Sue highly enough. Sue truly gets people, organisational culture, performance, and personal development.”

Business Director