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Sue Douglas
Coaching & Development Partner

If we’ve not met yet, my name is Sue Douglas. I set-up my Coaching & Development practice, Work-Life Flow, well over a decade ago! Like a lot of people, I like to make a difference to those I work with.

Who do I work with? Generally, people contact me for help when they are feeling stressed or distressed! This is not surprising! Why? Because generally we tend to feel stress when we don’t have the ability to deal with a challenging situation at work, and distress when we have more ability than the challenges we face at work. So, solutions tend to be developing abilities and / or planning a next career move.

As a Coach & Development Partner, my style is highly supportive yet direct and effective.  I’m able to get clear insights into what drives behaviours from coaching conversations and observations. This is useful when addressing limiting beliefs, building on strengths, and making a difference.

Degree educated, Diploma in Executive Coaching, Advanced Diploma in Learning & Development, NLP Practitioner, Emotional Intelligence (BarOn EQi and EQ360), DISC – People Keys, MCIPD, and MBPS Level A&B.

Sandra Collins
Coaching & Development Partner

Sandra provides a range of development solutions, and specialises in Talent Dynamics and personal branding. Everyone has a personal brand and sometimes it is not understood how brand can be used for personal and busness success.

Sandra works with individuals and business to develop and enhance their personal branding, building impact and confidence through identifying values and goals and creating strong personal and business image. She then builds on personal style and presentation, which creates a successful first and ongiong impression.

As a coach Sandra’s style is about building a great working partnership, working with the natural style of the Coachee, challenging where approariate to encourage different thinking, whilst offering support to find practical and pragmatic approaches to developing and enhancing their skills. She will never avoid raising issues that need to be raised, and this generates confidence and trust. Sandra believes in building on strengths to develop and motivate others to achieve their highest potential.

MCIPD, Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring, Emotional Intelligence (BarOn EQi), Myers Briggs, SHL OPQ, Talent Dynamics, and Human Synergistics

Kate Smith
Coaching & Development Partner

Kate provides a range of development solutions, and specilises in Team Development and Personal Effectiveness. Kate enjoys working with team memberfs from entry level to senior management teams and has experience working across varied sectors.

Working with individuals and teams, Kate helps them to identify strengths and areas for development, for greater aeffectiveness, increased motivation, and higher levels of perfomance.

Kate has a high energy, engaging and inclusive style and is passionate about helping others reach their potential.

Degree educated, MCIPD, MBPS Level A&B, Myers Briggs, Career Counselling Services Licensee, Coaching Certificate, and PTTLS Teaching Qualification.


From Stalled to Success

A highly experienced and successful academic leader, was tasked with leading a major change programme but was stuggling to gain the necessary buy-in and support from other senior stakeholders. As a result, there was a 12 months delay in getting the major change programme implemented, and lost savings of £1M+.

After only 4 Coaching & Development Sessions, the creative leader shifted to a more empowered mindset, further developed her stakeholder management and strategic change skills, gained the necessary buy-in, kick-strated the change programme, and collaboratively implemented actions plans for multiple teams. The leader’s career and change programme when from stalled to success.


From One to Many

A talented, personable, and driven senior leader was using one leadership style for every situation. This resulted in delayed decision-making and outputs when there was not a match of style to the situation.

After 4 Coaching & Development Sessions, the senior leader was matching a variety of leadership styles to different situations, and had a more empowered mindset and increased confidence levels. Within months, the senior leader advanced from a departmental role to a strategic cross-departmental role.


From Fear to Freedom

A young, bright, talented professional, was bullied to the extent that it triggered an eating disorder, destroyed her self-confidence, and life seemed not worth living to her. In spite of this, she was managing to keep her performance levels up through sheer determination but this was not a safe or sustainable situation.

After 12 Coaching & Development Sessions with remote support, and other wellbeing strategies, the young professional was in a stronger place. Whilst rebuilding her confidence levels and applying new assertiveness skills, she embarked on new studies, and a new and exciting career path in a new sector.

“I approached the CE to chair a high profile group without fear of rejection which has held me back in the past. I am now chairing this group. I have improved delegation to team members and beyond. Now I allocate planning at least twice a week which means I’m ahead on some of my projects and have acheived some of my annual actions. This hasn’t happened in a long-time and is very rewarding. I have increased my confidence levels with my Line Manager and Director, and feel more able to discuss things openly.”

Senior Finance Leader

“As a result of coaching our team, we are more motivated, seeking more project work, and more closely involved with frontline services.”

Senior ICT Leader

“Thank you for your patience, understanding, and expert guidance when I needed it!

Your support has been and will be extremely valuable!”

Head of HR

“Thank you – in a big way. I’m struggling to find the words to express my gratitude.

Thank you for helping me find my smile again and teaching me about how to pursue real happiness. You have helped me find my courage and fight to take on any challenge that comes my way! These last few sessions have made me feel great as I’ve realised that I have accomplished a lot with you, and for a change, I’m proud of myself. You truly are a wonderful coach, thank you ever so much!”

Recruitment Officer

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