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Did you know, profiling replaces guesswork, assumptions, and speculation with KNOWING what makes someone tick. Profiling has the potential to save so much time and energy, and help avoid the negative consequences that often spring from assumptions.

Some leaders can be concerned that profiling simply puts people in a box. I used to think this too before I found the value in profiling, and when and how best to use profiling.  Profiling is a catalyst to start an educated, informed and meaningful conversation in situations such as:

  • when welcoming a new employee to your Team;
  • to raise self-awareness;
  • to improve working relations and teamwork;
  • when discussing performance expectations and communication preferences; and,
  • when coaching and developing

There are times when profiling can backfire if not well managed, for example, in a low-trust working environment. However, it’s worth keeping in mind, that profiling is a catalyst to understand a colleague better and appreciate differences, which in turn can help build trust.

Just as business intelligence tools can help you make informed business decisions, people intelligence tools can help you make informed people decisions such as how to get the best out of others.

Profiling is a quick-win tool. When you want to explore using profiling for speedy engagement and productivity, please get in touch – book a complimentary consultation.


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