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Team Development Programme

Structure changes, new line management, and introducing new ways of working, even when driven by the most positive of reasons, can derail individuals and groups.

Some people, whether it’s personality traits, skills, or how a project is managed, or a combination of these, end up working against rather than with each other. Teams can end up down-in-the-dumps where misinterpretations, blame, negativity, rumours and putting up with unproductive ways of working become the norm.

Here is our approach to developing teams to a healthier place:

Group Coaching Session 1

At this stage, people want to be heard and understood. We separate Team Members into relevant groups to share experiences and thoughts, and prioritise what really needs to be addressed.

Group Coaching Session 2

When it comes to clearing the air, people naturally feel anxious and fragile, but relieved to be taking that needful step towards moving the team forward to a more positive and productive state. We ensure a safe environment and ground rules to prevent blame and build trust.

Group Coaching Session 3

Your Team has put in effort to get to this stage. This session is about celebrating your strengths and growing as a team through fun development activities.

Sometimes bolt-on one-to-one coaching is required. We can decide together whether this could add value to your intervention.  Individual coaching is not a requirement.

If you resonate with this situation, don’t let things fester, get in contact! Book a complimentary consultation. We can discuss your Team situation, how it’s impacting people and business, and run through possible solutions. Together, we can clarify whether a few pointeres, a DIY approach, or an intervention could help your situation.

If you’re not sure how healthy your Team is, try our Team Health Check Quiz.

Schedule a complimentary consultation

Schedule a 15 to 30 minutes complimentary consultation. During our consultation, we can explore and understand your situation and requirements, consider possible solutions, and whether our approach is a best-fit for you.