Team Development Programme

Teams can get down-in-the-dumps for all sorts of reasons. When that happens, it’s important to do something about it rather than let the situation fester.

Our approach to raising team spirit, work ethics, and performance, is to understand and work through perceptions that are hindering trust, morale, and performance. We address any elephants in the room, any potential misunderstandings, respectfully. Once this is achieved, we bring team members together to celebrate strengths and grow as a cohesive Team. We decide together whether profiling could add value to your team development intervention. Profiling is not a requirement.

Group Coaching Session 1

At this stage, people want to be heard and understood.  We separate Team Members into relevant groups to share experiences, gather thoughts, and prioritise what really needs to be addressed.

Group Coaching Session 2

When it comes to clearing the air, people naturally feel anxious and fragile, but relieved to be taking that needful step towards moving the team forward, to a more positive and productive state. We ensure a safe environment and ground rules to prevent blame and to build trust.

Group coaching session 3

Your Team has put in the effort to get to get to this stage. This session is about celebrating your strengths and growing as a Team through fun development activities.

We offer email and / or phone support throughout your Team Development Programme – usually the programme is completed within 3 months.

Sometimes bolt-on 1:1 coaching is required. We can decide together whether this could add value to your intervention. Individual coaching is not a requirement.