Team Development

Structure changes, new line management, and introducing new ways of working, even when driven by the most positive of reasons, can derail individuals and groups.

Some people, whether it’s personality traits, skills, or how a project is managed, or a combination of these, end up working against, rather than with each other. Teams can end up down-in-the-dumps, where misinterpretations, blame, negativity, rumours, and putting up with unproductive ways of working become the norm.

When asked to group-coach the most reluctant and negative of teams, whose words and actions demonstrate they have not bought into new ways of working, my approach is to get on the same wavelength as those involved, help them understand each other better, then have some fun building collaboration. We can also dot in some reviews to keep momentum going and continually raise standards. I’m determined to help teams who are down-in-the-dumps get to a better place!

If you resonate with this situation, don’t let things fester, get in contact! We can discuss your Team situation, how it’s impacting people and business, and run through possible solutions. Together, we can clarify whether a few pointers, a DIY approach, or an intervention could help your situation.

From down-in-the-dumps to “let’s work together!”