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Introducing … the Ultra Quick … Team Health Check Quiz

The state of your Team effects its overall performance, potential, and profile.  What state is your Team really in? Is your Team fuelled with Poison, Professionalism, or Passion?

Take the 3-minutes test to find out!

Depending on your results, you can either:

1.  Celebrate your Team’s success;

2.  Maintain momentum and further enhance your Team with the aid of our free audio guide on Team Success; or

3.  Schedule a 30-minutes complimentary consultation to discuss how to raise Team Spirit, Work Ethics, and Performance within your Team.

Let’s get started …

Looking at the images and descriptions below, which best describes the current situation of your Team, and how you are feeling?




As the Line Manager, you feel at risk of losing your sanity! Because, within your Team, there is a blame culture, perhaps even a toxic culture. There is low trust, low morale, misinterpretations, the jumping to negative conclusions, poor work ethics, poor judgement calls, and a lack of respect. You’re concerned you will lose the people who help you keep your Team afloat. Things are so bad, you may leave yourself!

As the Line Manager, you feel satisfied with your Team’s efforts and results. They’re doing a good job. Team members are generally supportive of each other’s work, reliable, trustworthy, and act professionally. There is room for improvement though. You believe your Team has potential. You want to maintain momentum and  keep developing your Team.

As the Line Manager, you feel so proud of your high performing Team! Your Team is self-motivated and resilient. They get things done. They are forward-thinking, problem-solving and solution-focused. They use humour in the face of adversity! They have each other’s backs and stay behind to hit deadlines when needs be. Sure they mock each other at times, but that’s becaues they have trust. You have the Dream Team!

Yes! I have a Toxic Team!

Take a deep breath! It is possible to turn around a Team that’s in a negative place, because no one really wants to be there. Please schedule a 30-minutes complimentary consultation to discuss how to raise Team Spirit, Work Ethics, and Performance within your Team. Here is a link to my diary.

Yes! I have a Growing Team!

Great news! You are in a positive place!  Try our free Team Success Audio Guide to help maintain momentum and further develop your Team.

Yes! I have a Dream Team!

A huge congratulations! Please take your Team out to celebrate! You probably do that anyway? If you’re happy to share your Team’s success journey, please book a complimentary 30-minutes session in my diary.