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Team Development Programme

Teams can get down-in-the-dumps for all sorts of reasons. When that happens, it’s important to do something about it rather than let the situation fester and become toxic.

Our approach to raising team spirit, work ethics, and performance, is to understand and work through perceptions that are hindering trust, morale, and performance. We address any elephants in the room, any potential misunderstandings, respectfully. Once this is achieved, we bring team members together to celebrate strengths and grow as a cohesive Team. We decide together whether profiling could add value to your team development intervention. Profiling is not a requirement.

To discuss your requirements and whether our programme could be a best-fit for your Team, please schedule a complimentary consultation.

Leading from the Middle 

This Management Leadership Development Programme is tailored to your requirements, and is results focused. It is designed to support managers and leaders in their roles, and further enhance their skills. 

Some headline information for you:

  • This programme is suitable for managers leading from the middle, whether they have people reporting to them or not. We view a leader as someone who gets things done through others, with or without authority.
  • There is a blend of profiling, Group Sessions, and One-to-One Coaching & Development Sessions. Group sessions can be up to 8 delegates. The programme takes 6 months to complete. 
  • We can deliver this intervention at your office premises or use external venues.  

To discuss your requirements and whether our programme could be a best-fit for your managers, please schedule a complimentary consultation.

Schedule a complimentary consultation

Schedule a 15 to 30 minutes complimentary consultation. During our consultation, we can explore and understand your situation and requirements, consider possible solutions, and whether our approach is a best-fit for you.