Executive Coaching Programme

Your Executive Coaching Programme is tailored to your requirements. Typically, the format of your Executive Coaching Programme would usually follow the development path outlined below. It is flexible to development needs and starting points. For example, you may have already established your required outcomes and have recent and relevant profiling reports.

Step 1:           Scoping the Coaching Assignment

Together, we explore, understand, and define the requirements of the assignment. Profiling is recommended so as to appreciate what personality and temperament qualities and behaviours work for and against the you at work. We offer a variety of profiling tools and would match appropriate profiling assessments to your situation. Examples of profiling tools we can provide:

  • BarOn EQ-I (Emotional Intelligence)

  • Thomas Kilman Instrument (Social Skills in Conflict Situations)

  • Talent Dynamics (Personality)

  • Myers Briggs (Personality)

  • Hogan Personality Inventory (Personality)

  • Leadership 360s

Step 2:           Coaching & Development Sessions

Face-to-face coaching sessions (usually 4 sessions in total, every 3 to 4 weeks) can be supported by:

  • Email and / or phone coaching;

  • Relevant articles and recommended reads; and,

  • Profiling to enhance self-awareness and decision-making.

The above is sandwiched between complimentary initial exploratory and evaluation meetings.

Step 3:           Monitoring and Assignment Closure

We will monitor progress together and on completion of the assignment we can evaluate the impact. A follow-up plan can be established for continuous professional development and to maximise your return on investment.

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