Client Feedback

“I approached the CE to chair a high profile group without fear of rejection which has held me back in the past. I am now chairing this group. I have improved delegation to team members and beyond. Now I allocate planning time at least twice a week which means I’m ahead of time on some of my projects and have achieved some of my annual actions. This hasn’t happened in a long-time and is very rewarding. I have increased my confidence with my LM and Director and feel more able to discuss things openly.” Senior Finance Manager


“As a result of coaching our team, we are more motivated, seeking more project work, and more closely involved with frontline services.” Head of IT Training


“The leadership programme designed and delivered by WLF, fast-tracked the building of a more cohesive leadership team with shared values. There were some quick wins as well as ideas on how to maintain and further develop a healthy leadership culture within the organisation.” Executive Director


“Since coaching, my Manager has told me that my confidence levels have blossomed and she felt she could give me anything now. This has had a positive impact on my career.” Trainer


“I’m leading the Digital Inclusion Programme where I may have let the Head of Service do so in the past”. Housing Manager


“Coaching was a very positive stimulus which enabled me to ‘look inwards’ and make the changes necessary to improve relationships and performance at work. As a result of coaching, I have improved working relationships with my Line Manager, my motivation levels are higher, and I have improved my work performance.” Finance Manager


“I am more proactive in taking control and the leading role e.g. I have managed to take forward my safeguarding project through use of delegation skills and blocking time out in my diary. I’ve taken steps to re-establish more face-to-face communications with internal customers” HR Manager


“The priority management coaching sessions gave me confidence in my approach to workload and helped lead me to best practice in a number of techniques. The friendly and professional approach used was very much appreciated in that I felt it was not more work and look forward to the time during this difficult and sensitive restructure project.” Senior Project Manager


“Challenging, lots of mind spinning. The coaching opened a wide range of questions and issues, and decision-making. It enabled me to decide on my career path for the next few years and take positive action towards it.” Trainer


“I have increased focus and capacity, and work is now being done at the right levels.” Housing Manager



“We hired WLF to audit the impact of our Senior Leadership Team and facilitate their development. The Directors were very pleased that they were taken out their comfort zone in order to further enhance how they operate as team. Through the use of profiling headlines and discussion, they achieved a change in their communication approach in order to allow for greater challenge within the team, and more. They took away a high value action plan, support tools, and are currently implementing same.” Head of Organisational Development