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Beat Stress, Meet Deadlines

Up against a project deadline? Challenges, confrontations, and compromises taking their toll?

Take 5 minutes, put your headphones on, and play this video to re-energise. Enjoy!

Once upon a time …

… a dynamic and highly experienced leader, was tasked with leading a major change programme, that had the potential of saving her business £1M+.  However, she was stuggling to gain the necessary buy-in and support from other senior stakeholders. As a result, there was a 12 months delay in getting the major change programme implemented.

Her Director thought it was time for some external support, and she did too. In came Work-Life Flow.

After only 4 Coaching & Development Sessions, the creative leader shifted to a more empowered mindset, further developed her stakeholder management and strategic change skills, gained the necessary buy-in, kick-strated the change programme, and collaboratively implemented actions plans for multiple teams. The leader’s career and change programme went from stalled to success. The desired savings could be recouped once the major change programme was complete.

Major change projects stall for all sorts of reasons. What’s your story? 

If time is of the essence, don’t delay, find out whether Coaching & Development could help you by booking a complimentary consultation. 


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