WLF Team

Sue Douglas

SD02 - soft edgeWho is Sue Douglas?
If we’ve not met yet, my name is Sue Douglas. I’ve been running my own Training, Coaching & Mentoring company for over 10 years. Before that, I ran a Learning & Development Department in the Financial Services Sector. I made the decision to run my own company because it was something I always wanted to do – it was just a matter of when, who, what, where, and how!
Clarity and Focus have played a big role in any business I’ve ever worked in, whether as an employee, external consultant, and in my own business. Without clarity and focus, there is confusion, and confusion is costly to people, relationships, and businesses.
As a coach and development partner, my style is supportive, direct, and effective. I’m able to get clear insights into what drives behaviours from coaching conversations and observations. Behaviour modification is commonplace in coaching solutions. As it takes 30 to 90 days to change a habit / behaviour, I can incorporates 30 to 90 day challenges for Coachees, as well as regular and supportive online checking-in sessions, to compliment in-person coaching.
Degree edcuated, Diploma in Executive Coaching, Advanced Diploma in Learning & Development, Emotional Intelligence (BarOn EQi and EQ360), DISC – People Keys, PNLP, MCIPD, and MBPS (Level A& B)


Sandra Collins

Sandra CollinsWho is Sandra Collins?
Sandra provides a range of development solutions, and specialises in Talent Dynamics and personal brand. Everyone has a personal brand and sometimes it is not understood how brand can be used for personal and business success.
Sandra works with individuals and businesses to develop and enhance their Personal Branding, building impact and confidence through identifying values and goals and creating a strong personal and business image. She then builds on personal style and presentation, which creates a successful first and ongoing impression.
As a coach Sandra’s style is about building a great working partnership, working with the natural style of the Coachee, challenging where appropriae to encourage different thinking, whilst offering support to find practical and pragmatic approaches to developing and enhancing their skills. She will never avoid raising issues that need to be raised, and this generates confidence and trust. Sandra believes in building on strengths to develop and motivate others to achieve their highest potential.
MCIPD, Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring, Emotional Intelligence (BarOn EQi), Myers Brigges, SHL OPQ, Talent Dynamics, and Human Synergistics


Kate Smith

KateWho is Kate Smith?
Kate provides a range of development solutions, and specialises in Team Development and Personal Effectiveness. Kate enjoys working with team members from entry level to senior management teams and has experience working across varied sectors.
Working with individuals and teams, Kate helps then to identify strengths and areas for development, for greater effectiveness, increased motivation, and higher levels of performance.
Kate has a high energy, engaging and inclusive style and is passionate about helping others reach their potential.
Degree educated, MCIPD, MBPS (Level A & B, Myers Briggs, Career Counselling Services Licensee, Coaching Certificate, and PTTLS Teaching Qualificaion