Results & Outcomes

Results Managers have achieved from our Executive Development Programmes


  • 88% of Managers feels more Engaged, Positive, and Stronger
  • Improved Engagement 88%
  • Improved Working Relations 77%
  • Improved Planning Time 70% 
  • Improved Delegation 70%
  • Improved Conflict Management 59%
  • Improved Productivity 53%
  • Improved Meetings 53%
  • Improved Service Quality 53%
  • Discretionally working at higher levels 41%
  • Improved Capacity 35%
A sample of outcomes achieved by Executives through our 1:1 Coaching & Mentoring Programmes (3 case studies)
1. Implementing a strategic change programme 
  • The situation
    A highly experienced, successful, and creative senior executive, was not able to move a major change programme forward. The project had stalled for approximately one year because the executive was struggling to get the necessary buy-in and support from other senior stakeholders.
  • The intervention 
    A 3-months Executive Coaching & Mentoring Programme.  In the early stages of the intervention, it became apparent that although there was clarity on the end goal, there was a lack of clarity on the starting point. Therefore bridging the gap from A to B was always going to be flawed and stalled – making decisions and taking actions from a compromised place. Clarity and focus led to implementing the appropriate attitude, knowledge, processes, and skills, for success. 
  • The result
    In a short period of time, Rhona shifted her perception to a more positive place, realised her potential, gained the necessary buy-in, kick-started the change programme, and implemented an action plan. Rhona’s career and the project went from stalled to success. The value of the intervention to Rhona and the organisation was getting major change programme, worth £1M+ in savings, up and running.

2. Operating at a more senior level 
  • The situation
    A talented, personable, and driven female senior executive was using one leadership style. Where there was not a match of style to the situation, friction was unwittingly caused. For example, work taking longer to get started and completed, feelings of frustration, and decisions taking too long to be made.
  • The intervention
    A 3-months Executive Coaching & Mentoring Programme. In the early stages of the intervention, it became apparent that although the start-point and end-goal were known, focus was difficult because the gap to be bridged had unaddressed emotions and outcomes from previous situations. Therefore, relevant solutions were covered for the old and new situations. 
  • The result
    After coaching, this Coachee increased her confidence levels, matched leadership styles to different situations, and put her gremlin in a place where it wouldn’t limit her potential. Within a month or two of coaching, she advanced from a departmental role to a cross-departmental role. The value of the intervention to the organisation was circa £16K, based on the extra value Elizabeth added less the Executive Coaching investment.
3. Coping and moving on from adversity 
  • The situation
    A young, bright, talented professional, was bullied to the extent that it triggered an eating disorder, destroyed her self-confidence, and life seemed not worth living to her.
  • The intervention
    A 12-months Executive Coaching & Mentoring Programme. Having an oppressive and all consuming start-point, meant focus and energies were put into surviving day-to-day. Clarifying the start point, what was acceptable and not acceptable, discovering a motivating end-goal, planning on how to bridge the gap, and taking action with strong support, enabled this Coachee to cope with the situation, and move forward.  
  • The result
    A year later, Sara’s life was rebuilt. She had a new and exciting career path, was half-way through a new degree, and moved to a new sector. Sara can now experience a brighter future, offering personal, professional, and career growth. The value of the intervention to Sara was priceless.