Change Success

A quick and easy way to move your change situation forward

– a Change Success Call

Hi I’m Sue Douglas. I know you’re a high-achieving leader, in a highly demanding role, but, you are struggling to stay focused with so much noise around you. You want to feel more fired-up rather than exhausted, generally get more return on efforts, and, breakthrough a situation at work that’s holding you back. So, get in touch! 
Mulling over problems for long enough, can lead to feelings of frustration, anxiety, being too hard on yourself, and making decisions from a compromised place. 
During our Change Success Call, you’ll get the opportunity to: 
  • Take a step back to analyse your situation for what it is with a sounding board, confidante, consultant, and executive coach.
  • Focus on what could make a difference, what you could act on to cut out the noise and move towards your goals.
  • Take away up to three recommendations for tackling the situation you’re facing.
To register your interest in our complimentary Change Success Call, simply complete our contact form.
You’ll receive a Change Success Questionnaire to complete shortly afterwards. Completing this questionnaire will help make our time on the phone more productive! We’ll also be in touch to schedule a mutually convenient time to talk. 
I look forward to finding out about the situation you want to change, your goals, and mapping out a plan on how to get there.