What is your world of work like?
  • Do you experience more drag than flow, and get exhausted rather than fired-up?
  • Do you get less rather than more return on your efforts?
  • Is game-playing dampening your work-life?
  • Have you plateaued and want to re-energise?
  • Are you struggling to break through a ceiling and realise your potential?
If your work-life is currently tough, from the bottom of my heart, I wish I could give you a magic-wand! There have been times when I’ve wanted one too! But I don’t have a magic-wand! What I do find magical, and I hope you do too, are the positive breakthroughs, however small or life-changing, that are triggered through a chance or planned read or encounter – perhaps a word, sentence, insight, top-tip, coaching question, or movie, and so on. Is that where your luck comes from too?
If yes, why not grab a cup of coffee or tea, and have a read through my 21 Ways to Boost your Work-Life FlowIt’s not rocket-science, it’s simply a light, easy read designed to make your work-life flow better. I hope you find a word, question, or top-tip that opens-up a positive and productive feeling, thought, or action for you.
If you are interested in enjoying work more, being more productive, and getting ahead, you could sign up to Flow-Zine – a succinct info-email which you can start, stop, or continue with whenever you want. You never know, one Flow-Zine may just contain a magical-trigger for you!
Wishing you the best work-life.
Sue Douglas


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