Wellbeing & Performance

Overcoming obstacles to achieve work and career goals is a normal part of work-life …
But, there are many busy professionals who push themselves to the end of the road, and become unwell, because they won’t take a moment to breathe or attend to their own wellbeing.  These are high achieving professionals, driven to play on the pitch rather than sit on the side-lines.  But, they don’t always invest in wellbeing and performance coaching, to help them stay on the field, as a top athlete would. There are many reasons for this, including it not being the norm where you work.
As an Executive Coach, traditionally my approach to helping busy professionals overcome escalating obstacles has been to get to know the person behind the role, minimise stressors, address any sabotaging self-talk or perceptions, and develop the relevant skills, knowledge and confidence for positive results.
This approach has worked wonderfully well for a long time and continues to do so. Nutritional wellbeing can be added to the mix too when required. People and their situations are unique therefore interventions are bespoke.
Please get in contact if you want to discuss your situation and possible ways forward. I’m focused on helping the people I work with get back on-track. Whether that’s supporting you through an unusually high level of pressure at work, helping you overcome an obstacle you currently don’t have the resources for, helping you transition back to the workplace after long-term sick leave, or indeed helping you reduce the possibility of going off on long-term sick leave because of stress. 
Minimise stressors, maximise wellbeing and performance